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Kraken - it is arguably the most progressive and innovative online store on the dark web. You can call this resource not a marketplace, but a whole portal, since it contains not only sellers and goods, but also a lot of functionality and services. Such services, which are presented in the Kraken, you will not find anywhere else. We tell in detail about all Kraken onion services

First of all, it is worth noting the narcological service from Kraken, this is a service that provides consulting services from professional doctors. A whole team of specialists work to help customers and ensure their health and life. The next service is the school of cladmen. This school teaches couriers how to work properly, and most importantly, how to protect themselves from possible legal prosecution.
The next direction is cybersecurity. Kraken onion has specialists on staff who can help you significantly increase the security of your device for accessing the dark web. It will be useful to everyone, both the seller and the buyer. After all, the main thing is not to be noticed law enforcers. It is also worth paying attention to the school of operators. This is a service that offers high-quality professional training for store administrators and operators.